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Nearly every adult at some point in their life has had at least a minor case of “food poisoning” or gastroenteritis. The truth is that gastroenteritis – or the symptoms, vomiting and diarrhea – can be caused by more than just BAD FOOD. Most cases of gastroenteritis come from either bacterial (as in the case of most food poisoning) or viral causes. Viral cases will often fun their course within 24-48 hours, and while the patient feel miserable, it’s not something that will require medical intervention. However, if the symptoms are severe or linger, a trip to the doctor, urgent care or even the emergency room might be required.

What should you expect when you get gastroenteritis/food poisoning?

What can you do to treat a minor case of gastroenteritis?

  • Rest
  • Drink plenty of clear liquids (preferably water) but tea, broth, ginger ale – especially for the first 24 hours of symptoms.
  • Keep your diet bland – Remember BRAT; Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, Toast ( you can also include mild foods such as crackers, soup, cooked cereal.
  • Avoid fiber/fibrous foods, spicy foods, dairy products, alcohol
  • Use over-the-counter analgesic (acetaminophen or ibuprofen) for fever, body ache or headache.

Seek further medical care if vomiting or diarrhea continues for more than 24 hours or there is severe pain.

If there is any sign of blood in the vomit or stool or any sign of dehydration.