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Can there be anything more annoying than an itchy, red rash? Rashes can have a variety of causes and sometimes just trying to determine what caused the rash is more difficult than making the rash and itching go away.

For many people, rashes can be the result of things that they come in contact – hence the name CONTACT DERMATITIS. Contact dermatitis can come from things like perfumes and dyes that are found in nearly every product. Soap and detergents are common culprits.

Even plants, like poison ivy, sumac and oak, produce what is basically a contact dermatitis in the form of a painfully, itchy rash caused by urushiol oil found in the plants. The rash will cause blister which may become fluid-filled. It is a common misconception that the fluid in the blisters will cause the rash to spread or touching the fluid or the rash is contagious. Only the urushiol oil in the plants will cause the rash and so long as that has been washed from the patient, no further spread should occur. Washing with soap, water and /or alcohol may prevent the initial contact dermatitis but care should be used NOT to use HOT water as this can open up the pores and actually promote the oil to enter further into the layer of the skin.

In addition, some rashes can appear due to infections. Its common that children will develop a mild rash in response to fevers associated with viral infections. These are generally harmless and will go away when the fever goes away.

Rash Care:

  • Cool compresses
  • Over-the-counter anti-itch cream on non-broken skin
  • Seek Immediate medical attention for rashes near eyes or inside mouth or accompanied by high fevers